Keith "Bear" Pilgrim

June 2, 2018: 

I shot my first match at Todd Resource Management, LLC this morning. If you live in NC or SC Richard Todd puts on a good shoot with a great bunch of guys. I don't think I've ever had to shoot a target as small as a golf ball at 500yds or make a 500yds shot offhand but that's what was on the menu today.

 I pulled off the win thanks to the phenomenal Davis Custom Rifle & Machine LLC 6mm Creedmoor I was piloting; that gun hammers!The PROOF Research barrel made a huge difference when it came time to shoot the offhand stage: cleaned the 100 and 300 then went 2 for 3 at 500yds. This setup is what every rifle I build from here on out will look like.

Finally, a big thanks to Diz and John F Huber of Huber Concepts triggers and to Jeremy Kahn of Kahntrol Solutions for the prize table support. I switched over to Huber triggers a year ago and #bettershottiming means I just keep winning more of them; great guys to deal with too. The Kahntrol brakes are pretty awesome too. My 3-Gun/DMR rifles don't hardly move after the shot.

April 15 ,2018

Everyone has a favorite smith but Davis Custom Rifle & Machine LLC holds more BR records than probably anyone and quite obviously can build an awesome practical rifle. I drove 7hrs round trip after work on Friday to pick up this hammer so I could join the 6mm club.

It's a Stiller's Precision Predator with PROOF Research barrel chambered in 6mm Creedmoor and capped with Mike's self-timing brake. I'm having to get used to a single-stage trigger again but the Trigger Technology flat shoe breaks really clean at 1#. Everything else is my usual equipment: Manners Composite Stocks T6A and Bushnell HDMR.

First range session in 18mph winds shows extremely good performance even with the Magnetospeed LLC strapped to the barrel. I'm going to run it as is with the load Mike suggested at on May 5th. Nothing like being able to just roll out the gate from the getgo.


Travis Pomp

May 28, 2018

Travis Pomp took his DCR built .308 to the range for the first time today.  Manners PRS2 stock, Kelbly Atlas action, Brux interrupted fluted barrel, Jewell trigger, & M5 magazine setup.  Travis was shooting Federal Gold Medal Match factory ammo & was able to shoot 5" groups at 1,000 yards.