Chad Jenkins - January 29, 2014


Congratulations to Chad Jenkins for setting a four target score record on July 13, 2013 at Piedmont Gun Club.  The record was set with a 199 out a possible 200, which has never been done before. Great job!!!

Mike Hanes - January 6, 2014


Congratulations to Mike Hanes who set two records at Piedmont Gun Club in Rutherfordton, NC - both targets were certified by the IBS reords committee, light gun agg 1.4901" & two gun agg 1.7797". Awesome shooting! 

Chad Jenkins - May 12, 2012


Congratulations to Chad Jenkins who potentially broke the IBS Light Gun group aggregate with a 1.495" at Piedmint Gun Club in Rutherfordton, NC! 

Eric Wilson -June 12, 2011


Congratulations to Eric Wilson who shot a 198 (50 50 50 48) 600 yard score agg at Piedmont Gun Club in Rutherfordton, NC on Saturday, June 12, 2011! 

Sam Hall - July 9, 2011


Congratulations to Sam Hall who potentially broke both 600 yard light gun group & score records on Saturday, July 9, 2011.  Great Job!